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We are high-quality house builders
creating bespoke homes

Craftsmanship Throughout

It can be seen in the architectural designs, the choice of fixtures, fittings and finishes. It manifests itself in the materials we use internally and externally, which craftsmen we choose and how each home is constructed. It shows in our choice of partners and suppliers, and most importantly, in how we work and interact with our clients.

Attention to detail at every stage

We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing expert advice and professional support. Because we never forget that we’re building your home, not a house.

High quality homes demand exemplary talents. That’s why we employ skilled craftsmen to build, fit and finish your home. But even before the first foundations are laid, professional planning partners and our own expert designers and draughtsmen work to bring your vision to life.

Our aim? To hand over a property that delights, thrills and surprises. Where quality can be felt in every touch and refinement seen at every glance. One that tells you this is exactly where you should be; one that tells you you’re home.

Mount View – a special ‘village’ ambience

To keep that special ‘village’ ambience, Mount View blends effortlessly into the Church Street environment. Aesthetically designed using heritage materials including red brick, natural slate, sandstone and solid oak, all UK sourced whenever possible.

This provides for an attractive and distinctly superior finish that fits naturally with the Malpas vernacular. The result is a beautiful bespoke home built using traditional techniques like brick and block insulated cavity walls and timber roof structures with slate or clay tiles. We’ve kept the best of what makes Malpas beautiful and incorporated it into Mount View.

YOUR DREAM HOME | Off plan or your own design

A rare opportunity to buy a beautiful,
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