Orchard House Properties has evolved over a number of years, utilising our experience as planning consultants ‘Land Planning Ltd’ (www.laplan.co.uk). During this time we’ve gained expertise in all areas of planning policy and residential design.This has enabled us to identify sites which are not only the best suited to achieve planning consent, but also those which generate the most profitable financial returns for our clients.

We have a full ‘in-house’ architectural design and planning team on hand to help our clients at every stage. We also work alongside specialist consultants covering Highways, Ecology, Landscaping and Environmental issues.

Recently, we’ve successfully gained planning consent for several clients including a site for sixty new houses, on land which was subsequently sold on to a major housebuilder, at a significant profit to our client.

With a selection of other potential sites currently available, Orchard House Properties are now looking for investment partners to help with funding future development costs. Offering at least 15% return per annum, with the investment secured against the land and with all figures based on professional, independent valuations.

Joint venture contracts are in place with our builders to construct development projects at a fixed price and once sold, the profits are then shared between investors on a percentage basis.

We encourage our potential investors to visit the sites, view the proposed plans and designs and to analyse the viability of the figures alongside their solicitor or with an independent surveyor on board.

If you’d like any further information relating to investment opportunities with Orchard House Properties, please complete the form below or contact us directly.

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